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Blushing Still


Christina Marie
MS...Curriculum and Instruction.
MFA December 2011.

I'm a fan of Ancient Greece
I'm a fan of Celtic Culture
Victorian Costume

my pet!


a lion among men, aerie, african violets, american eagle, anberlin, art, art history, autumn, bath and body works, beading, biscotti, black dahlia, black tea, blackberry sage tea, blue car, books, boondock saints, botswanna blossom tea, brazilian iguana, buckcherry, calla lilies, celestial harmonies, celtic mythology, chai, chamomile, charcoal drawings, chocolate milk, chocolate soy silk, christopher hall, chrysanthemums, chuck close, cobrastarship, coffee, collective soul, concerts, cooking, corsets, criss angel mindfreak, crossing jordan, cut copy, daria, dawn, days of the new, digital art, distance running, dj ashba, dog the bounty hunter, drawing, edgar degas, egyptian mythology, ethiopian coffee, family guy, fiber arts, finger eleven, fiona apple, forever 21, georgia o'keefe, ginger peach tea, greek mythology, gregory maguire, half marathons, halloween, harry potter, hiking, horses, hot apple cider, house of fools, ipod, james michaels, jared diamond, journaling, karen marie moning, knitting, knock around guys, lace, lavendar, lemon wintergreen tea, lilacs, literature, lucrezia borgia, maple & brownsugar oatmeal, metallica, metallurgy, mick mars, mint, motley crue, mudvayne, muse, my chemical romance, nikki sixx, nin, oil paint, oil painting, orchids, paulo coelho, pearls, photoshop, piercings, poetry, polar seltzer, printmaking, pumpkin pie, queen esther, red tea, romance, running, saving atlantis, scented candles, scotland, sculpture, sixx am, snow angels, snowflakes, something corporate, son of a witch, south park, soy ice cream, soy milk, stabbing westward, stephanie meyers, stitch 'n' bitch, stone temple pilots, tattoos, teddy bears, the dreaming, the hush sound, the republic of tea, the transporter, the witch of cologne, tom petty, tommy lee, tonic, torani flavor syrups, tori amos, trent reznor, twilight, victoria's secret, vince neil, vintage knits, vnv nation, vogue knits, wicked, wild horses, wild roses, working out, writing